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Northeastern United States blizzard of 1978: Quiz


Question 1: The storm's great power was made apparent by its sustained ________-force winds of approximately 86 mph with gusts to 111 mph and the formation of an eye-like structure in the middle of the storm.
RainTropical cyclone basinsEye (cyclone)Tropical cyclone

Question 2: [3] The storm also caused over ________520 million in damage.
Federal Reserve SystemHawaiiUnited States dollarUnited States

Question 3: Other people were able to leave their homes and travel for assistance by ________ and sleds.
Ice skateCross-country skiingStreet lugeKayak

Question 4: In many cases, those who had become ill or had been injured during the storm had to be taken to ________ by snowmobile.
Health care systemHealth care providerHealth scienceHospital

Question 5: Especially hard-hit were ________ and Cape Ann, both on the eastern shore of Massachusetts.
Falmouth, MassachusettsBourne, MassachusettsBarnstable, MassachusettsCape Cod

Question 6: Extensive beach ________ occurred on the east coast of Massachusetts.
Mouth barRiver deltaErosionDune

Question 7: Thousands of people walked around the quiet city streets and frozen ________, some on cross-country skis.
MassachusettsCambridge, MassachusettsCharles RiverBoston

Question 8: ________, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts were particularly hard hit by this storm.
Georgia (U.S. state)New JerseyConnecticutMaine

Question 9: Many people were stranded in their cars along roads and ________ throughout the New England region.

Question 10: Since the storm developed during a ________, an unusually large high tide occurred, and the storm brought a massive amount of water along coastal communities.
Full moonMonthNew moonIslamic calendar


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