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Northamptonshire: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following is Southeast of Northamptonshire?

Question 2: Rockingham Speedway near ________ is the largest stadium in the UK with 130,000 seats.

Question 3:
What is Northamptonshire's current status?
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Ceremonial & Non-metropolitan county

Question 4:
Which of the following places is northeast of Northamptonshire?

Question 5:
What is the area of Northamptonshire in square km?

Question 6:
Which of the following places is northwest of Northamptonshire?

Question 7:
What is directly west of Northamptonshire?

Question 8: [66] The railway running through the town from Kettering to ________ in Rutland, was previously used only by freight traffic and occasional diverted passenger trains that did not stop at the station.
UppinghamMelton MowbrayStamford, LincolnshireOakham

Question 9:
Which of these places is north of Northamptonshire?

Question 10: George Washington's great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Lawrence Washington, was Mayor of Northampton on several occasions and it was he who bought Sulgrave Manor from ________ in 1539.
Elizabeth I of EnglandEdward VI of EnglandCharles I of EnglandHenry VIII of England

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