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North and South (TV miniseries): Quiz


Question 1:
How many minutes did North and South (TV miniseries) run for?
97 min/96
90 minutes/episode
Unrated Cut:
60/30 minutes

Question 2:
Who of the following starred in North and South (TV miniseries)?
Michael Rennie
with Kathleen Turner
and others
Apii McKinley,

Question 3: George's ________ sister, Virgilia, immediately takes a dislike to Orry as he keeps slaves.
AbolitionismFrederick DouglassAtlantic slave tradeSlavery

Question 4:
Where does North and South (TV miniseries) come from?

Question 5: Confederate General ________ surrenders his army to U.S.
J.E.B. StuartJames LongstreetRobert E. LeeWinfield Scott Hancock

Question 6:
What network screens North and South (TV miniseries)?

Question 7:
What format does North and South (TV miniseries) follow?

Question 8: North and South Books I and II were released on ________ VHS in the United States.
PALSECAMBroadcast television systemsNTSC

Question 9: Episode 4 (May 1864 - late autumn 1864) - When Billy returns to his regiment, his commanding officer threatens to court-martial and execute him if he ever goes ________ again.
Conscientious objectorUnited States armed forcesDesertionCanada and Iraq War resisters

Question 10: Lee,[8] as well as Linda Evans as Rose Sinclair and ________ as Mrs.
Susan HaywardJane WymanOlivia de HavillandAcademy Award for Best Actress

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