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Question 1: The coasts of the North Sea are home to nature reserves including the Ythan Estuary, Fowlsheugh Nature Preserve, and ________ in the UK and The Wadden Sea National Parks in Germany.
BamburghFarne IslandsBamburgh CastleLindisfarne

Question 2: The 17th century ________ during which Dutch herring, cod and whale fisheries reached an all time high[70] saw Dutch power at its zenith.
Dutch RevoltAmsterdamEighty Years' WarDutch Golden Age

Question 3: This rivalry led to the first three ________ between 1652 and 1673 which ended with Dutch victories.
First Anglo-Dutch WarAnglo-Dutch WarsThird Anglo-Dutch WarSecond Anglo-Dutch War

Question 4: ________ today consists of several levels.
Coastal managementBeachCoastal erosionBeach evolution

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Thames Barrier, London
  Unpolished amber stones, in varying hues
  The beach in Scheveningen, Netherlands in c. 1900
  The German North Sea coast

Question 6:
What are people from Principality of Sealand known as?
Gu00E9rois, Gu00E9roise

Question 7: ________, haddock, whiting, saithe, plaice, sole, mackerel, herring, pouting, sprat, and sandeel are all very common and are those which are fished commercially.
CodWild fisheriesAtlantic codSillaginidae

Question 8: [76] After the ________ the Dutch prince William ascended to the English throne.
Glorious RevolutionNine Years' WarMagna CartaMonarch

Question 9: [2] In the north it is bordered by the Shetland Islands, and connects with the Norwegian Sea, which lies in the very north-eastern part of the ________.
Pacific OceanIndian OceanArctic OceanAtlantic Ocean

Question 10: These tiny organisms are crucial elements of the ________ supporting many species of fish.
PredationHerbivoreCarnivoreFood chain


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