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North Pacific Right Whale: Quiz


Question 1: Under the ________, to be designated as a critical habitat, an area must contain one or more "primary constituent elements" (PCEs) that are essential to the conservation of the species.
George W. BushBill ClintonEndangered Species ActBald Eagle

Question 2: Occurrences in the ________, East and South China Seas, and Yellow Sea are very rare in modern.
Pacific OceanAtlantic OceanIndian OceanSea of Japan

Question 3: It very closely resembles the other right whale species—the ________ (E. glacialis) and the Southern Right Whale (E. australis).
Sperm whaleFin whaleNorth Atlantic right whaleKiller whale

Question 4: A population that occurs in the southeastern ________ and eastern North Pacific may be 50 animals or less.
Arctic OceanChukchi SeaBering SeaPacific Ocean

Question 5: A very poorly known population in the Sea of Okhotsk between the ________ and Sakhalin Island in Russia may number 300 or more animals, but there is almost no data on this population.
Antsiferov IslandHokkaidōIturupKuril Islands

Question 6: Entanglement in fishing gear is a major source of injury and mortality for the ________ in western North Atlantic.
North Atlantic right whaleFin whaleKiller whaleSouthern right whale

Question 7: The whale catchers would hunt the whales by day then tow them back to the station for ________, thus limiting their operation to a fairly small area around the whaling stations.
GrytvikenFlensingSperm whaleNorway

Question 8: The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has expressed concern that its numbers are now too low for recovery, and that ________ may be inevitable.
Conservation biologyExtinctionEvolutionHolocene extinction

Question 9: After the war ended, in 1946 all the major whaling countries signed the Convention on the International Regulation of Whaling which established the ________ (IWC).
CyprusFranceCanadaInternational Whaling Commission

Question 10: In 2005 the wreck of the M/V Selendang Ayu near ________ caused the release of approximately 321,000 gallons of fuel oil and 15,000 gallons of diesel into the Bering Sea.
Sitka, AlaskaUnalaska, AlaskaKodiak, AlaskaJuneau, Alaska


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