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North Karnataka: Quiz


Question 1: It mostly lies within the Deccan thorn scrub forests ecoregion, which extends north into eastern ________.
PuneMarathi peopleMaharashtraMumbai

Question 2: Markandeshwara Temple at Kallur near ________
MudgalKarnatakaRaichurRaichur district

Question 3: This clan came to be known as the ________[6][7] s (ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರಕೂಟ) of Manyakheta, rising to power in South India in 753.
Chalukya dynastyRashtrakuta DynastyWestern Chalukya EmpireWestern Ganga Dynasty

Question 4: ________ in North Karnataka is a famous centre for Bidriware, a well-developed craft that involves the use of metal plate on an alloy made of zinc, copper, tin, and lead.
BidarBellaryGulbarga districtKalburgi

Question 5: Meerchi - Bhaji ________ is also famous for meerchi - bhaji, and girmit made by murmure its basically prepared by rice.
North KarnatakaHubballiKarnatakaBagalkot district

Question 6: Gulbarga and the area around it was a part of the ancient dynasty ________ In the early part of the 14th century, it became the part of the Delhi Sultanate.
Western Chalukya EmpireRashtrakuta DynastyWestern Ganga DynastyChalukya dynasty

Question 7: Lakkundi[14] was a place of prominence during the ninth and 14th centuries and it came under the rule of ________, Yadava and Hoysala kings.
Western Chalukya EmpireRashtrakuta DynastyWestern Ganga DynastyChalukya dynasty

Question 8: The initial development of the Kannada language is similar to that of other Dravidian languages and independent of ________.

Question 9: Born in Kundgol in ________, 15 km away from Hubli on the Banglore Hubli Railway route, Sawai Gandharva was disciple of Ustad Abdul Karim Khan of Kirana Gharana.

Question 10: ________ (January) (Festival of harvest): Madeli, Holige of gingelly seeds, Bengal gram dhal, Ground nut; Jowar roti, Bajra roti, Bharta, Chutney powders of niger, linseed, ground nut.
Dongzhi FestivalWinter solsticeMakar SankrantiChristmas


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