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North American Numbering Plan: Quiz


Question 1: Similarly, calls from Bermuda to US numbers, (including ________ 1-800), incur high international rates.
SpainToll-free telephone numberUnited StatesFrance

Question 2: *51 A history of unanswered calls on a telephone number, useful for those who are not ________ subscribers.
North American Numbering PlanToll-free telephone numberAT&TCaller ID

Question 3: Atlanta was the first city in the United States to have mandatory 10-digit dialing throughout its metropolitan area, roughly coinciding with the ________ held there.
Germany at the 1996 Summer Olympics1996 Summer OlympicsPortugal at the 1996 Summer OlympicsRussia at the 1996 Summer Olympics

Question 4: ________
List of North American Numbering Plan area codesList of original area codesList of Florida area codesList of California area codes

Question 5: Similarly, the song "Diary" by ________ says to call "489-4608 and I'll be here." It was intended to be called only by people in New York to get her voicemail.
Another Way to DieChris CornellAlicia KeysMadonna (entertainer)

Question 6: Thus, the famous ________ tune "PEnnsylvania 6-5000" refers to a telephone number 736-5000, the number of the Hotel Pennsylvania, which still bears the same number today.
JazzBenny GoodmanVic SchoenGlenn Miller

Question 7: The country of ________ uses 211 for police force, 311 for fire, and 511 for ambulance, while Jamaica uses 114 for directory assistance, 119 for police force, and 110 for fire and ambulance services.
BarbadosCayman IslandsAnguillaBritish Virgin Islands

Question 8: Also, since it had nearly run out of area codes using the above formula, it allowed the assignment of area codes using the form N-1-0, such as 210 in the San Antonio, Texas, area and 410 in eastern ________.

Question 9: Conversely, an advantage of caller-pays is the relative absence of ________ and nuisance calls to mobile numbers.
TelemarketingJunk faxE-mail spamAnti-spam techniques

Question 10: Originally there were only 86 codes, with the biggest population areas getting the numbers that took the shortest time to dial on ________.
Western ElectricRotary dialTelephone exchangeModel 500 telephone


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