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Question 1: It occurred either in ________, at home, or at a simple altar of piled stones known as a "horgr." However, there seem to have been a few more important centres, such as Skiringssal, Lejre and Uppsala.
EnglandCeltic polytheismSacred groveFrance

Question 2: These warriors were selected by the Valkyries, ________'s mounted female messengers.
Norse mythologyThorSleipnirOdin

Question 3: Taking advantage of this weakness, Loki made a projectile of ________ and tricked Höðr, Odin's blind son and Baldr's brother, into using it to kill Baldr.

Question 4: Vanaheimr, world of the ________ (Near the Don river (East by North East).

Question 5: Myths about a glorious and brave past is said to have given the Swedes the courage to retake ________, which had been lost in 1809 during the war between Sweden and Russia.

Question 6: Adam of Bremen claims that there was a temple in Uppsala (see ________) with three wooden statues of Odin, Thor and Freyr.
HörgrTemple at UppsalaBlótVé (shrine)

Question 7: According to Adam of Bremen, the Swedish kings sacrificed male slaves every ninth year during the ________ sacrifices at the Temple at Uppsala.
ValkyrieGermanic paganismElfYule

Question 8: ________ is mentioned a few times and Baldr only survives in legends about place names.

Question 9: A unique eye-witness account of Germanic ________ survives in Ibn Fadlan's account of a Rus ship burial, where a slave-girl had volunteered to accompany her lord to the next world.
JudaismSyncretismJesusHuman sacrifice

Question 10: The Einherjar would help defend the gods during ________.


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