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Question 1: [5] Norse Greenland had a bishopric (at Garðar) and exported walrus ________, furs, rope, sheep, whale or seal blubber, live animals such as polar bears, and cattle hides.

Question 2: According to the Icelandic sagas ("Eirik the Red's Saga" and the "________"—chapters of the Hauksbók and the Flatey Book), the Norse started to explore lands to the west of Greenland only a few years after the Greenland settlements were established.
Norse colonization of the AmericasSaga of Erik the RedLeif EricsonGrœnlendinga saga

Question 3: [4] The inner reaches of one long ________, named Eiriksfjord after him, was where he eventually established his estate Brattahlid.
Sound (geography)FjordNorwayDenmark

Question 4: ________ (Old Norse: Eiríkr rauði), having been banished from Iceland for manslaughter, explored the uninhabited southwestern coast of Greenland during the three years of his banishment.
Leif EricsonEastern SettlementErik the RedSkræling

Question 5: North America, by the name ________, was first mentioned in written sources in a work by Adam of Bremen from approximately 1075.
HellulandL'Anse aux MeadowsVinlandMarkland

Question 6: Squashberries, gooseberries, and ________ all grew wild in the area.

Question 7: For some centuries after Christopher Columbus' voyages opened the ________ to large-scale colonization by Europeans, it was unclear whether these stories represented real voyages by the Norse to North America.
South AmericaAmericasLatin AmericaAmericas (terminology)

Question 8: Many historians identify Helluland with ________ and Markland with Labrador.
Bylot IslandMelville Island (Canada)Ellesmere IslandBaffin Island

Question 9: Purported runestones have been found in North America, most famously the ________, that are thought by some to be artifacts from further Norse exploration, although they are typically considered to be hoaxes.
Beardmore RelicsVinland mapHeavener RunestoneKensington Runestone

Question 10: Norse colonization of the Americas began as early as the 10th century, when Norse sailors (often referred to as Vikings) explored and settled areas of the North Atlantic, including the northeastern fringes of ________.
Americas (terminology)South AmericaNorth AmericaEurope


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