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Question 1:
What era did Normans belong to?
British Empire
Middle Ages
Middle Ages
20th-century philosophy

Question 2: After the successful ________ in 1097, Bohemond began carving out an independent principality around that city.
First CrusadeBattle of AscalonSiege of AntiochSiege of Jerusalem (1099)

Question 3: Roussel de Bailleul even tried to carve out an independent state in ________ with support from the local population, but he was stopped by the Byzantine general Alexius Komnenos.
IstanbulTurkish peopleAnatoliaTurkey

Question 4: The Norman-derived ________ system was applied in varying degrees to most of Scotland.

Question 5:
Where does Normans come from?
France, England, Italy & Sicily
United Kingdom

Question 6:
What type of government does Normans have?
County Board
Autonomous Island

Question 7:
What religion does Normans adhere to?

Question 8: Normans came into Scotland, building castles and founding noble families who would provide some future kings such as Robert the Bruce as well as founding some of the ________.
Highland ClearancesTartanScottish HighlandsScottish clan

Question 9:
What is the capital of Normans?

Question 10: The Normans were the people who gave their name to Normandy, a region in northern ________.
CanadaUnited KingdomItalyFrance

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