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Question 1: It is the birthplace of brioches (especially those from Évreux and Gisors) and also turns out douillons (pears baked in pastry), craquelins, roulettes in Rouen, fouaces in Caen, fallues in ________, sablés in Lisieux.

Question 2: The ________ Norman explorer Jean de Béthencourt established a kingdom in the Canary Islands.
14th century13th century15th century16th century

Question 3: Coastal settlements were raided by ________ pirates.
SaxonsAnglo-SaxonsGermanic peoplesFranks

Question 4: King Henry II of England, did penance at the cathedral of Avranches on 21 May, 1172 and was absolved from the censures incurred by the assassination of ________.
Hubert WalterThomas CranmerThomas BecketReginald Fitz Jocelin

Question 5: It is situated along the English Channel coast of Northern France between ________ (to the west) and Picardy (to the east) and comprises territory in northern France and the Channel Islands.
NantesBrittanyBreton peopleBreton language

Question 6: The Channel Islands also share this influence - Chausey was for many years a source of quarried granite, including that used for the construction of ________.
Granville, MancheSaint-LôAvranchesMont Saint-Michel

Question 7: Thomas Becket, an ________ whose parents were from Rouen, who was the object of a considerable cult in mainland Normandy following his martyrdom
English peopleEnglandHeptarchyAnglo-Norman

Question 8: Colonists from Normandy (in particular Basse-Normandie) were among the most active in ________ (Quebec).
New FranceCastle Hill, Newfoundland and LabradorFrench colonial empireAcadia

Question 9: ________'s waterlily garden at Giverny is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region, and his series of views of Rouen Cathedral are major works of Impressionism.
Paul CézannePierre-Auguste RenoirClaude MonetEdgar Degas

Question 10: There are granite ________ in the west and limestone cliffs in the east.
CliffHeadlandCape (geography)Sound (geography)


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