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Norman invasion of Ireland: Quiz


Question 1: In the process he took Dublin and had accepted the fealty of the Irish kings and bishops by 1172, so creating the "Lordship of Ireland", which formed part of his ________.
Angevin EmpireEmpress MatildaHenry the Young KingEdward, the Black Prince

Question 2: References to Laudabiliter become more frequent in the later Tudor period when the researches of the ________ scholars cast doubt on the historicity of the Donation.
HumanismGiovanni Pico della MirandolaDesiderius ErasmusRenaissance humanism

Question 3: Most importantly he obtained the support of the ________ Richard de Clare, known as Strongbow.
Edward I of EnglandHenry III of EnglandEarl of PembrokeEdward II of England

Question 4: ________ claims the following list of people present at the invasion.
John DeeBen JonsonWestminster SchoolWilliam Camden

Question 5: Henry landed with a large fleet at Waterford in 1171, becoming the first ________ to set foot on Irish soil.
List of English monarchsJohn of EnglandRichard II of EnglandEdward III of England

Question 6: Within a short time Leinster was regained, Waterford and ________ were under Diarmait's control.

Question 7: This was at the request of ________ (Diarmait Mac Murchada), the ousted King of Leinster who sought their help in regaining his kingdom.
IrelandDermot MacMurroughBrian BoruCounty Kilkenny

Question 8: MacMurrough fled first to ________ and then to Normandy.

Question 9: He sought and obtained permission from ________ to use the latter's subjects to regain his kingdom.
Henry II of EnglandRichard I of EnglandHenry the Young KingJohn of England


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