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Normal distribution: Quiz


Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  As the number of discrete events increases, the function begins to resemble a normal distribution
  The ground state of a quantum harmonic oscillator has the Gaussian distribution.
  The ground state of a quantum harmonic oscillator has the Gaussian distribution.

Question 2: In counting problems, where the ________ includes a discrete-to-continuum approximation and where infinitely divisible and decomposable distributions are involved, such as
Normal distributionCentral limit theoremMultivariate normal distributionCharacteristic function (probability theory)

Question 3: Their ratio follows the standard ________: X1 ÷ X2 ∼ Cauchy(0, 1).
Cauchy distributionNormal distributionStable distributionStudent's t-distribution

Question 4: The standard normal density ϕ(x) is an eigenfunction of the ________.
ConvolutionHilbert spaceFourier analysisFourier transform

Question 5: An algorithm by West (2009) combines Hart’s algorithm 5666 with a ________ approximation in the tail to provide a fast computation algorithm with a 16-digit precision.
Euclidean algorithmContinued fractionIrrational numberGeneralized continued fraction

Question 6:
What type is thing is Normal distribution?
Live album
Box set

Question 7: The ________ is the logarithm of the moment generating function:
Poisson distributionCumulantProbability distributionNormal distribution

Question 8: When σ2 = 0, the density can be represented as a ________:
Cauchy distributionProbability distributionDirac delta functionNormal distribution

Question 9: In ________ and statistics, the normal distribution or Gaussian distribution is a continuous probability distribution that often gives a good description of data that cluster around the mean.
Probability theoryInformation theoryMathematicsMathematical logic

Question 10: The Gaussian distribution is one of many things named after ________, who used it to analyze astronomical data,[1] and determined the formula for its probability density function.
Isaac NewtonCarl Friedrich GaussJean le Rond d'AlembertBenjamin Franklin


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