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Norm of reciprocity: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ of reciprocity often takes different forms in different areas of social life, or in different societies.
SociologyNorm (sociology)Deviance (sociology)Criminology

Question 2: See the discussions in ________ and Reciprocity (social psychology).
Game theoryPrisoner's dilemmaChicken (game)Tit for tat

Question 3: All of them, however, are distinct from related ideas such as ________, the Golden Rule, or mutual goodwill.

Question 4: See ________ for an analysis of the concepts involved.
PlatoReciprocity (social and political philosophy)AristotleJust War

Question 5: These minor examples include gifts of stickers and pens distributed by charities and flowers handed out by members of the ________ group.
Hare KrishnaSvayam BhagavanChaitanya MahaprabhuVyasa

Question 6: The power and ubiquity of the norm of reciprocity can be used against the unwary, however, and is the basis for the success of many malicious ________.
Advance-fee fraudConfidence trickPonzi schemeBlack money scam


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