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Norm: Quiz


Question 1: Norm (abelian group), generalization of norm to ________
Group homomorphismAbelian groupGroup (mathematics)Simple group

Question 2: Norm, a statistical concept in ________ representing the aggregate responses of a standardized and representative group are established for a test, against which a subject is compared
Industrial and organizational psychologyEducational psychologyPsychologyPsychometrics

Question 3: ________, social norms, expected patterns of behavior studied in sociology
CriminologyDeviance (sociology)Structural functionalismNorm (sociology)

Question 4: ________, sentences within philosophy with practical implications
AristotleNorm (philosophy)Meta-ethicsTruth

Question 5: ________, a map that assigns lengths to vectors, with some variations:
Topological vector spaceNorm (mathematics)Vector spaceBanach space

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