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Norinco CQ: Quiz


Question 1: [9] A semi-automatic version of this carbine is available on the civilian market for sports shooters in ________.
United KingdomCanadaUnited StatesBarbados

Question 2: the M-193 "Ball" 5.56 mm cartridge was never a ________ standard until the adoption of this weapon system by other nations.
Non-Aligned MovementNATOCentral Intelligence AgencyAfghanistan

Question 3: By the time ________ was launched in 2001, however, the use of Type CQ rifles by Afghan fighters' was rare.
AfghanistanWar in Afghanistan (2001–present)Participants in Operation Enduring FreedomOperation Enduring Freedom

Question 4: [14] The manufacturer's website lists it as a 7.62×51 NATO which would make it more of a copy of the ________.
AR-10Heckler & Koch HK416M16 rifleM4 carbine

Question 5: The "Terab" rifle is a clone of the Norinco CQ manufactured by the MIC (Military Industry Corporation) of ________.
South AfricaNigeriaSudanKenya

Question 6: Rumors of shipments of quantities of Type CQ rifles to countries like North Korea and ________ have been around for years, yet remain unconfirmed.

Question 7: Though it has the same look as the ________, there are some modifications to various parts.
M16 rifleM2 Browning machine gunM4 carbineHeckler & Koch MP5

Question 8: This variant introduced in the year 2006 in several Defense expos worldwide, including the MILIPOL, is a copy of the American ________ assault carbine.
M4 carbineHeckler & Koch MP5M2 Browning machine gunM16 rifle

Question 9: This weapon is chambered for ________ cartridges and never entered service with the People's Liberation Army and appears to be intended for sale as an export [2].
7.62x51mm NATO.223 RemingtonM16 rifle5.56x45mm NATO

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