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Noonan syndrome: Quiz


Question 1: Recurrence in siblings and apparent transmission from parent to child has long suggested a genetic defect with ________ inheritance and variable expression.
GeneticsAlleleChromosomeDominance (genetics)

Question 2: ________ — another disorder that is sometimes confused with Noonan syndrome because of some common facial features and mental retardation[12]
Fetal alcohol syndromeICD-10 Chapter XVII: Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalitiesFetal alcohol spectrum disorderDown syndrome

Question 3: Acrocephalosyndactylia (Apert syndrome/Pfeiffer syndrome, Saethre-Chotzen syndrome, ________, Sakati-Nyhan-Tisdale syndrome)
Zimmermann–Laband syndromeCarpenter syndromeHolt-Oram syndromeBeckwith-Wiedemann syndrome

Question 4: Noonan syndrome at the ________
Time WarnerLife (magazine)Open Directory ProjectJim Barksdale

Question 5: ________ of the back of hands and tops of feet

Question 6: Chronic ________ (ear infections)
Otitis mediaOtitis externaLabyrinthitisMastoiditis

Question 7: ________ (build-up of body fluid due to poor functioning of the lymphatic system)

Question 8: a high proportion of cases represent new, sporadic ________ or
EvolutionPopulation geneticsSpeciationMutation

Question 9: Partial deficiency of ________:C
Factor XIPlasminTissue plasminogen activatorFactor XII

Question 10: Inward or outward turning of the eyes (________)
StrabismusAmblyopiaDuane syndromeMyopia

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