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Question 1: Although Christian games have been around since Sparrow Records' Music Machine for the ________, there have been few genres as unassailably violent as that of the first-person shooter (FPS).
Atari 5200Atari 2600Atari 2800Atari 7800

Question 2: The focus of many of these studies was on the effects of exposure of children to violence, and these studies frequently employed the ________ framework developed by Albert Bandura to explore violent behavioral modeling.
Political crimeSocial control theorySocial learning theoryDeviance (sociology)

Question 3: [2] The same year, Surgeon General, ________, had suggested that games had no merit and offered little in the way of anything constructive to young people.
C. Everett KoopJulius B. RichmondJoycelyn EldersAntonia Novello

Question 4: Another example is ________, an MMORPG based on economic development.
A Tale in the DesertLawGame engine2003

Question 5: In 1964, ________, a noted media theorist, suggested in his book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, that "[t]he games people play reveal a great deal about them.
The Gutenberg GalaxyMarshall McLuhanRhetoricEngland

Question 6: Secular examples include Capcom's ________ series[118][119] and Victor's Harvest Moon series[120] - a simulation/RPG game.
Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyAce AttorneyPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and TribulationsViewtiful Joe

Question 7:
  • Games with environmental hazards only - Games lacking enemies, but containing a potentially violent environment (E.g. ________, or Roller Coaster)
    AlleywayHotel MarioSuper Mario LandSuper Mario Bros. 3

Question 8: In 2005, California State Senator, ________ introduced California Assembly Bills 1792 & 1793 which barred ultra-violent video games and mandated the application of ESRB ratings for video games.
Hot Coffee minigame controversyHerb KohlJoe LiebermanLeland Yee

Question 9: The suit was dismissed in 2000, absolving the companies of responsibility for the shooter's actions based on a lack of remedy under Kentucky ________ law.
Reasonable personProduct liabilityTortNegligence

Question 10: Barbie - A game lacking violence to sentient beings wherein ________ must rescue Ken by defeating a host of shopping-mall-related machines gone haywire.
Barbie and the Diamond CastleBarbieMy SceneMy Scene Goes Hollywood

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