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Question 1: This article incorporates text from the public-domain ________ of 1913. , s.v., None
Catholic ChurchUnited StatesCatholic EncyclopediaPope John Paul II

Question 2: At first, the hour of fasting was prolonged to ________, that is to say, food was taken only in the evening or at the end of the day.
Canonical hoursVespersMatinsLauds

Question 3: [8] In the fourth century there is evidence to show that the practice had become obligatory, at least for the ________.
MonasteryHouseholder (Buddhism)NunMonk

Question 4: The service ends with the Prayer of the Ninth Hour by Saint ________.
Basil of CaesareaJohn ChrysostomByzantine RiteAthanasius of Alexandria

Question 5: It is composed of psalms and antiphons; then the ________ arrives, enters the grotto of the Resurrection, recites a prayer there, and blesses the faithful.

Question 6: [13] During Lent, None is celebrated in the church of Sion; on Sundays the office is not celebrated; it is omitted also on Holy Saturday, but on ________ it is celebrated with special solemnity.
Good FridayEaster MondayEasterPalm Sunday

Question 7: The prayer of Prime, at six o'clock in the morning, was not added until a later date, but ________ goes back to the earliest days.
MatinsLaudsVespersCanonical hours

Question 8: [20] ________ merely recalls that it was at the ninth hour that the Apostles Peter and John were wont to go to the Temple to pray.
Byzantine RiteJohn ChrysostomAthanasius of AlexandriaBasil of Caesarea

Question 9: John Cassian, who adopts the ________ interpretation for Terce and Sext, sees in the Hour of None the descent of Christ into hell.
Pope John Paul IICyprianPope Gregory ICatholic Church

Question 10: [2] This division of the day was in vogue also among the ________, from whom the Church borrowed it.
Jewish ethnic divisionsJewsSephardi JewsAntisemitism


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