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Non-rail vehicles (Thomas and Friends): Quiz


Question 1: Alfie is an ________ and a fast worker whose motto is, "More work means more dirt; more dirt means more fun!" He loves working hard, and handles even the toughest of jobs with ease.
Loader (equipment)BackhoeHeavy equipment (construction)Excavator

Question 2: Tiger Moth is loosely based on a de Havilland Tiger Moth, which shares its name, but its radial engine and tail actually resemble the ________.
Sopwith PupSopwith CamelSopwith 1½ StrutterSopwith Snipe

Question 3: The characters were devised by then-producer Phil Fehrle with the intention of being turned into a spin-off series, possibly as a rival to ________.
Thomas and FriendsJay Jay the Jet PlaneTeletubbiesBob the Builder

Question 4: Byron is a boisterous yellow ________ with a big blade.
BulldozerExcavatorHeavy equipment (construction)Caterpillar Inc.

Question 5: Bulstrode is a self-propelled ________ who worked at the harbour on the Island of Sodor.
BargeDredgingCruise shipTrain ferry

Question 6: George is a green ________ who hates the engines.
SteamrollerAveling and PorterTraction engineRoad roller

Question 7: The television series Thomas and Friends and the original ________ books are well known for its anthropomorphic railway engines.
Mid Sodor RailwayThe Railway SeriesSodor (fictional island)Railway engines (Thomas and Friends)

Question 8: Max and Monty are the devious and troublesome ________ twins.
Heavy equipment (construction)Dump truckSemi-trailer truckWinter service vehicle

Question 9: Discovered by Edward in a scrapyard, Trevor the ________ was due to be broken up before he was saved by the Vicar of Wellsworth.
Steam engineSteam tractorSteam wagonTraction engine

Question 10: Buster is a simple ________ who goes about his job with glee and pride knowing all is right with the world.
Aveling and PorterRoad rollerTraction engineSteamroller


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