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Non-penetrative sex: Quiz


Question 1: The risk of pregnancy with oral sex is only through contact between sperm-bearing fluids such as ________ or Cowper's fluid and female sex organs, though the sex organs aren't usually in close contact with oral sex.
Sexual intercourseOrgasmMasturbationSemen

Question 2: The term "mutual masturbation" is sometimes also used as a vulgar ________.

Question 3: Mutual ________ can be practiced by those of all sexual orientations.
Human sexual behaviorSexual intercourseMasturbationOrgasm

Question 4: "g0y" (spelled with the number zero): alternative sexual identity for men attracted to other men but avoiding ________ in favor of non-penetrative sex.
Oral sexAnal–oral sexAnal sexSexual intercourse

Question 5: Sumata, type of stimulation of male genitals popular in Japanese ________.
Forced prostitutionBrothelUnited StatesProstitution

Question 6: Outercourse in preparation for intercourse can form part of ________.
Human sexualityMasturbationForeplayOrgasm

Question 7: Tribadism, ________-to-vulva rubbing, also known as "scissoring."
VulvaReproductive systemOvaryUterus

Question 8: If no bodily fluids are exchanged (as is common), mutual masturbation is a form of ________, and greatly reduces the risk of transmission of sexual diseases.
Sex educationAIDSSexually transmitted diseaseSafe sex

Question 9: As such it was encouraged among gay men by some safer sex organizations in the wake of the ________ outbreak of the 1980s, as an alternative to anal or oral sex.
HIVAIDS dementia complexICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesAIDS

Question 10: If used as an alternative to penile-vaginal penetration, the aim may be to preserve ________ or to prevent pregnancy.
GreeceGoddessUnited KingdomVirginity

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