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Question 1: [17] Some common examples include same gender loving, ________ (MSM), women who have sex with women (WSW), bi-curious and questioning.
Men who have sex with menSexual intercourseSexually transmitted diseasePenis

Question 2: [15][16] Additionally the majority of heterosexuals still view non-heterosexual acts as ________ and non-conventional sexual desires are generally hidden entirely or masked in various ways.

Question 3: [24] Non-heterosexual is also used to encompass transgender and ________ people, although these are gender identities rather than sexual identities, they are within the LGBT and queer umbrella communities.
IntersexualitySexual orientationThird genderTranssexualism

Question 4: Non-heterosexual is an umbrella term, describing homosexual, bisexual, ________, and other people who do not identify as heterosexual.
Sexual orientationAsexualityHomosexualityBisexuality

Question 5: Many ________ people were born into cultures and religions that stigmatized, repressed or negatively judged any sexuality that differed from a heterosexual identity and orientation.
HomosexualityLGBTGayThird gender

Question 6: [9][10 ][11 ] Some view the term as being contentious and pejorative as it "labels people against the perceived norm of heterosexuality, thus reinforcing ________".

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