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Question 1: In Germany and German-speaking countries like ________, the term Unteroffizier (meaning: "Lower Officer") describes a class of ranks between normal enlisted personnel (Mannschaften) and officers (Offiziere).
PolandCzech RepublicAustriaHungary

Question 2: Some have compared the centurions of the ________ with modern NCOs.
Imperial Roman armyRoman armyRoman NavyAuxiliaries (Roman military)

Question 3: Within the United States Marine Corps, senior NCOs are referred to as Staff Noncommissioned Officers and also include the rank of ________(E-6).
Private (rank)Staff SergeantCorporalLance Corporal

Question 4: In the ________, a non-commissioned officer is defined as:
New Zealand Defence ForceRoyal New Zealand NavyNew Zealand ArmyRoyal New Zealand Air Force

Question 5: In the ________, the Queen's Regulations and Orders defines a non-commissioned officer as:
Cadet Instructors CadreLand Force Central AreaLand Force Western AreaCanadian Forces

Question 6: However, when Warrant Officers achieve the rank of Chief Warrant Officer, CWO2 or higher, they are commissioned and are considered as ________ just like any other commissioned officer but are still held in a different paygrade tier.
Military rankCorporalOfficer CadetOfficer (armed forces)

Question 7: The ________ does not refer to its Petty Officers as NCOs, but calls them Senior Ratings (or Senior Rates).
HMS Ocean (L12)HMS Illustrious (R06)Royal NavyHMS Ark Royal (R07)

Question 8: In the ________ the distinction between SNCOs and JNCOs are: Sergeant (SNCO) and Corporal (JNCO), Petty Officer (SNCO) and Leading Seaman (JNCO).
Darwin, Northern TerritoryAustralian Defence ForceAustralian EnglishQueensland

Question 9: In the ________, the term "non-commissioned officer" is no longer officially used, being replaced with Specialist.
Sri Lanka Armed ForcesLebanese Armed ForcesMyanmar Armed ForcesSingapore Armed Forces

Question 10: "A Canadian Forces member holding the rank of Sergeant or ________." QR&O 1.02[3]
Private (rank)Lance CorporalSergeant MajorCorporal

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