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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Quiz


Question 1: One debated mechanism proposes a "second hit", or further injury, enough to cause change that leads from hepatic steatosis to ________ inflammation.
PancreasImmune systemEndocrine systemLiver

Question 2: NAFLD is associated with ________ and the metabolic syndrome (obesity, combined hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus (type II) and high blood pressure).
Insulin resistanceDiabetic ketoacidosisEndocrine systemDiabetes mellitus type 1

Question 3: It is related to ________ and the metabolic syndrome, and may respond to treatments originally developed for other insulin-resistant states (e.g.
Diabetes mellitusInsulin resistanceEndocrine systemDiabetic ketoacidosis

Question 4: ________ includes both non-alcoholic and alcoholic liver disease
HepatitisFatty liverNon-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseCirrhosis

Question 5: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is fatty inflammation of the liver when this is not due to excessive ________ use.
AddictionDrug addictionBenzodiazepineAlcoholism

Question 6: Insulin sensitisers (________[9] and thiazolidinediones[10]) have shown efficacy in some studies.

Question 7: ________ and ursodeoxycholic acid, as well as lipid-lowering drugs, have little benefit.
Human nutritionAntioxidantMetabolismNutrition

Question 8: ________, hormonal imbalances, and mitochondrial abnormalities are potential causes for this "second hit" phenomenon.
AntioxidantOxidative stressReactive oxygen speciesRadical (chemistry)

Question 9: [1] Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is the most extreme form of NAFLD, which is regarded as a major cause of ________ of the liver of unknown cause.
Hepatorenal syndromeHepatic encephalopathyCirrhosisAcute liver failure

Question 10: Mild ________ may, rarely, be noticed.


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