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Nomex: Quiz


Question 1: It is also used (like Kevlar) in the production of ________ drivers.
TweeterLoudspeaker enclosureLoudspeakerSubwoofer

Question 2: Nomex and related aramid polymers are related to ________, but have aromatic backbones, and hence are more rigid and more durable.

Question 3: ________ wear driving suits constructed of Nomex and or other fire retardant materials, along with Nomex gloves, long underwear, balaclavas, socks, and shoes to protect them in the event of a fire.
Auto racingFormula OneFormula Palmer AudiFormula BMW

Question 4: The hood protects the portions of the head not covered by the helmet and face mask from the intense ________ of the fire.
TemperatureInternal energyEnergyHeat

Question 5: It is placed on the head on top of a ________'s face mask.
Fire apparatusFirefighting worldwideFirefighterFirefighting

Question 6: The ________ and the SFI Foundation provide specifications for flame-resistant drivers clothing to be used in racing.
Formula OneConcorde AgreementFédération Internationale de l'AutomobileMax Mosley

Question 7: Nomex is the premier example of a meta variant of the aramids (________ is a para aramid).
KevlarWallace CarothersPolytetrafluoroethyleneDuPont

Question 8: Nomex (styled NOMEX) is a registered trademark for flame resistant meta-aramid material developed in the early 1960s by ________ and first marketed in 1967.
DuPontHSBC Bank USAComcastSunoco


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