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Nomadic pastoralism: Quiz


Question 1: Distances between summer and winter pasture may be short, for example in the vicinity of ________ where a valley at about 800 meters elevation is less than 20 km.
ArmalaPokharaArba VijayaLekhnath

Question 2: from alpine pastures just below the ________ Himalaya, or distances may be 100 km or more.

Question 3: The nomadic Sami people, an indigenous people of northern ________, Sweden, Norway, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia, practise a form of nomadic transhumance based on reindeer.

Question 4: Of the estimated 30–40 million nomadic pastoralists worldwide, most are found in ________ and the Sahel region of West Africa.
SiberiaCentral AsiaSouth AsiaMiddle East

Question 5: Increased ________ and fencing of land has reduced the amount of land available for this practice.
EnclosureLandless Workers' MovementWestern Cape Anti-Eviction CampaignOpen field system

Question 6: Nomadic pastoralism or nomadic transhumance is a form of ________ where livestock are herded either seasonally or continuously in order to find fresh pastures on which to graze.
Sustainable agricultureAgricultureOrganic farmingIntensive farming

Question 7: The Mesta was an association of sheep owners (________ and religious orders) that had an important economic and political role in Medieval Castile.
Hidalgo (Spanish nobility)PrimogenitureBaronSpanish nobility

Question 8: Increasing numbers of stock may lead to overgrazing of the area and ________ if lands are not allowed to fully recover between one grazing period and the next.

Question 9: The herded livestock may include cattle, yaks, sheep, goats, reindeer, horses, donkeys or ________, or mixtures of species.

Question 10: Nomadic pastoralism was a result of the ________.
Prehistoric religionNeolithic RevolutionÇatalhöyükVinča culture


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