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Nolan Chart: Quiz


Question 1: The Nolan Chart is a political diagram popularized by the American ________ David Nolan.
Individualist anarchismRobert NozickAnarcho-capitalismLibertarianism

Question 2: David Nolan originally termed this philosophy populism, but many later renditions of the chart have used the label statism, ________ or totalitarianism instead.
DemocracyAuthoritarianismCommunist stateFascism

Question 3: ________ would be a more extreme form of ideaology in this quadrant.
Individualist anarchismHenry David ThoreauAnarchismNoam Chomsky

Question 4: He developed the chart to illustrate the claim that libertarianism represents both economic freedom and personal freedom (as he defined the terms), in graphic contrast to left-wing "liberalism," which, according to Nolan, advocates only "personal freedom", and right-wing "________," which, according to Nolan, advocates only "economic freedom".
Traditionalist conservatismConservative political partiesLiberal conservatismConservatism

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