Nodar Kumaritashvili: Quiz

Question 1: [8] Kumaritashvili finished 28th of 32 competitors in the 2009–10 Luge World Cup event at ________ in January, which was his last World Cup event.
Whistler Sliding CentreIgls bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton trackKönigssee bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton trackCesana Pariol

Question 2: ________
New York GiantsList of sportspeople who died during their careerList of people who died in road accidentsList of fatalities from aviation accidents

Question 3: [14] He was also a devout member of the ________, who prayed at a local church before leaving for the Olympics.
Bulgarian Orthodox ChurchGeorgian Orthodox ChurchRussian Orthodox ChurchArmenian Apostolic Church

Question 4: [25] They were greeted with a standing ovation from the assembled crowd, and immediately left ________ after the procession.
BC LionsBC Place StadiumCanadian Football League West DivisionLabour Day Classic

Question 5: In the early morning on February 17, 2010, Kumaritashvili's body arrived in Tbilisi, Georgia[28] via ________, Germany.

Question 6: [38] Donations were made to Sparkasse in ________, Germany.
Ramsau bei BerchtesgadenBerchtesgadenFreilassingSchönau am Königsee

Question 7: Thousands of Georgians attended a funeral feast for him the day before and Georgian President ________ attended his funeral service dressed in a Georgian Olympic uniform.
Nino BurjanadzeGeorgia (country)Mikheil SaakashviliEduard Shevardnadze

Question 8: A one-minute moment of silence was held during the opening ceremonies to honour his memory, when both the Canadian and ________ were lowered to half-staff.
Olympic symbolsOlympic Games2004 Summer OlympicsOlympic mascot

Question 9: [3] Kumaritashvili suffered a fatal crash during a training run for the ________ competition in Vancouver, Canada.
Russia at the 2010 Winter Olympics2010 Winter OlympicsUnited States at the 2010 Winter OlympicsCanada at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Question 10: Kumaritashvili qualified for the luge men's singles event at the ________, which would be his Olympic debut.
Russia at the 2010 Winter OlympicsCanada at the 2010 Winter OlympicsUnited States at the 2010 Winter Olympics2010 Winter Olympics

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