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Question 1: The so-called Nocaster was a short-lived variant of what is now known as the ________, the original solid-body electric guitar created by Leo Fender.
Fender Tele Jr.Fender StratocasterFender TelecasterFender Telecaster Custom

Question 2: Fender has since registered Nocaster as a ________ to denote its modern replicas of this famous rarity.
Public domainUnited States trademark lawTrademarkGenericized trademark

Question 3: The Nocaster, produced in late 1950/early 1951, was the result of legal action from the ________ company over the guitar's previous name, the Broadcaster (Gretsch already had the "Broadkaster" name registered for a line of drums).
Bo DiddleyPete TownshendGretsch 6120Gretsch


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