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Question 1: The clathrates, first described in 1949,[38] consist of a noble gas atom trapped within cavities of ________ of certain organic and inorganic substances.
Crystal structureSolidCrystal growthCrystallography

Question 2: In 1933, ________ predicted that the heavier noble gases could form compounds with fluorine and oxygen.
Glenn T. SeaborgMelvin CalvinRoger AdamsLinus Pauling

Question 3: [55] The noble gases glow in distinctive colors when used inside ________, such as neon lights, which produce an orange-red color.
FlashtubeFluorescent lampLight-emitting diodeGas-discharge lamp

Question 4: Noble gases have very low boiling and melting points, which makes them useful as ________ refrigerants.
CryogenicsEngineeringMetallurgyHealth science

Question 5: [66] Helium is used as the carrier medium in ________, as a filler gas for thermometers, and in devices for measuring radiation, such as the Geiger counter and the bubble chamber.
Gas-liquid chromatographyGas chromatography-mass spectrometrySize exclusion chromatographyHigh performance liquid chromatography

Question 6: Argon, mixed with nitrogen, is used as a filler gas for ________.
FlashtubeFluorescent lampIncandescent light bulbCompact fluorescent lamp

Question 7: ________ are the outermost electrons of an atom and are normally the only electrons that participate in chemical bonding.
CarbonValence electronMetalNoble gas

Question 8: They are used for microlithography and microfabrication, which are essential for integrated circuit manufacture, and for laser surgery, including laser angioplasty and ________.
Oral and maxillofacial surgeryEye surgeryOphthalmologyPlastic surgery

Question 9: Due to its high radioactivity, radon presents a significant health hazard; it is implicated in an estimated 21,000 ________ deaths per year in the United States alone.
Lung cancerNon-small cell lung carcinomaSolitary pulmonary noduleMesothelioma

Question 10: Helium is used as a component of ________ to replace nitrogen, due its low solubility in fluids, especially in lipids.
RebreatherBreathing gasDecompression sicknessScuba diving


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