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Noble Eightfold Path: Quiz


Question 1: [20] This type of right view is explained in terms of ________.
SkandhaFour Noble TruthsBuddhismNirvana

Question 2: The Noble Eightfold Path is one of the principal teachings of the Buddha, who described it as the way leading to the cessation of suffering (________) and the achievement of self-awakening.
DukkhaAnattaNirvanaBuddhism and Hinduism

Question 3: ________ (Body speech and mind)
Three VajrasIṣṭha-deva(tā) (Buddhism)DzogchenVajrayana

Question 4: ________ instructs that right view can alternately be attained by the thorough understanding of the unwholesome and the wholesome, the four nutriments, the twelve nidanas or the three taints.
Buddhism and HinduismBuddhist cosmologySariputtaBuddhism

Question 5: 'Higher' here refers to the fact that these trainings that lead to liberation and enlightenment are engaged in with the motivation of renunciation or ________.
VajrayanaBodhicittaBuddha-natureMahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra

Question 6: Traditionally, the practice of samadhi can be developed through mindfulness of breathing (________), through visual objects (kasina), and through repetition of phrases.
Buddhist meditationAnapanasatiBuddhism and HinduismSamatha

Question 7: Samadhi is used to suppress the ________ in order to enter into jhana.
PatikulamanasikaraBuddhist meditationHouseholder (Buddhism)Five hindrances

Question 8: Right ________ (samyak-smṛtisammā-sati), also translated as "right memory", "right awareness" or "right attention".
BuddhismNirvanaBuddhist meditationMindfulness (Buddhism)

Question 9: Ambalatthika-rahulovada Sutta: Instructions to Rahula at Mango Stone by The ________.
Buddhism and HinduismBuddhismAshoka the GreatGautama Buddha

Question 10: These elements can be seen at work, for example, in the opening verses of the ________:[74]
DhammapadaAnguttara NikayaBuddhismDigha Nikaya

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