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Nobel Prize controversies: Quiz


Question 1:
Where does Nobel Prize controversies come from?

Question 2: [51] Mizutani and Temin jointly discovered that the Rous sarcoma virus particle contained the ________ reverse transcriptase.
Cofactor (biochemistry)EnzymeProteinEnzyme inhibitor

Question 3: The first successful synthesis of bovine ________.
AdiponectinGlucagonEndocrine systemInsulin

Question 4: ________, who won the Physics Nobel in 1919, also participated in the racially-motivated rejection of the "Jewish ideas" of Einstein and the non-Jewish Werner Heisenberg.
Johannes StarkJames FranckAlbert EinsteinMax von Laue

Question 5: The 2005 Nobel Prize In Physics controversy involved ________'s relevant work in quantum optics (1960), which was considered by many to have been slighted in this award.
Murray Gell-MannRichard FeynmanGeorge SudarshanNobel Prize controversies

Question 6: Several other scientists, such as Norman Davidson and ________, argued that Louise T.
James D. WatsonMarshall Warren NirenbergSalvador LuriaJoshua Lederberg

Question 7: In 1923 ________ and John Macleod received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of insulin.
Ilya Ilyich MechnikovAugust KroghAlbrecht KosselFrederick Banting

Question 8: ________ and Robert Marshak were the first proponents of the successful V-A (vector minus axial vector, or left-handed) theory for weak interactions in 1957.
Richard FeynmanMurray Gell-MannNobel Prize controversiesGeorge Sudarshan

Question 9: The Nobel Prize controversies are contentious disputes regarding the ________.
Nobel FoundationLinus PaulingNobel PrizeNobel Peace Prize

Question 10: [50] Insulin is now manufactured using protein-production ________.

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