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Question 1:
Where does Nobel Peace Prize come from?

Question 2: The Nobel Peace Prize (Scandinavian languages: Nobels fredspris) is one of the five Nobel Prizes bequeathed by the Swedish industrialist and inventor ________.
Immanuel NobelNobel Prize controversiesAlfred NobelNitroglycerin

Question 3: "The Nobel Prize in Peace" – Official site of the ________.
Alfred NobelSwedenNobel FoundationNobel Peace Prize

Question 4: It also notes that at the end of the nineteenth century, the Norwegian parliament had become closely involved in the ________'s efforts to resolve conflicts through mediation and arbitration.
Inter-Parliamentary UnionEuropean UnionUnited NationsFederalism

Question 5: "All Nobel Laureates in Peace" – Index webpage on the official site of the ________.
Nobel PrizeNobel FoundationSwedenAlfred Nobel

Question 6: The Peace Prize is the only Nobel Prize not presented in ________.

Question 7: The categories for ________ and physics were obvious choices as he was a trained chemical engineer.
ElectrochemistryChemistryInorganic chemistryPeriodic table

Question 8: Nobel died in 1896 and did not leave an explanation for choosing ________ as a prize category.
PeaceMohandas Karamchand GandhiAnarchismCivil disobedience

Question 9: [2] Scholars who studied Nobel have said it was Nobel's way to compensate for developing destructive forces (Nobel's inventions included ________ and ballistite).
Explosive materialNitroglycerinDynamiteCordite

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