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No Way Out (2003): Quiz


Question 1: [6][27] Next, was a World Tag Team Championship match between the team of Kane and Rob Van Dam against the defending champions, William Regal and ________.
Chris JerichoMatt HardyChris BenoitLance Storm

Question 2: On the February 27 edition of SmackDown!, ________ announced that The Rock had chosen to be part of the Raw brand, thus making him Raw exclusive and ending the Rock-Hogan feud.
Triple HGlenn JacobsThe UndertakerVince McMahon

Question 3: [8][9] During the returning segment of Hogan, the WWE Chairman, ________, came down to the ring to insult Hogan, resulting in Hogan challenging McMahon into a match, however, Hogan then proceeded to attack McMahon.
Vince McMahonThe UndertakerGlenn JacobsTriple H

Question 4: [3] The first match that aired was the encounter of Jeff Hardy and ________.
Matt HardyPaul WightChris JerichoAdam Copeland

Question 5: The third match was a Cruiserweight Championship match between Matt Hardy and the defending champion, ________.
Rey Mysterio, Jr.Eddie GuerreroChris JerichoBilly Kidman

Question 6: After No Way Out, Vince McMahon continued his feud with ________, in which he proclaimed that Hulkamania was dead and proclaiming a new 'mania; McMahonamania.
Ric FlairStone Cold Steve AustinBret HartHulk Hogan

Question 7: [21][22] The following week on Raw, Bischoff (kayfabe) fired ________, after Bischoff stated that it was Ross' fault that Austin hasn't signed yet to the brand.
Jerry LawlerDusty Rhodes (wrestler)Jim RossTony Atlas

Question 8: At the Royal Rumble, a scheduled match for the World Heavyweight Championship match saw Triple H defend the title against ________.
Scott SteinerBooker HuffmanRic FlairRick Steiner

Question 9: [17][18] After the match, Triple H, ________, Orton and Batista all attack Steiner, which led to Triple H performing a Pedigree on Steiner.
Ric FlairHulk HoganJeff JarrettStone Cold Steve Austin

Question 10: [3][4] The main event from the Raw brand was a World Heavyweight Championship match between Triple H and ________, which Triple H won via pinfall, after he hit Steiner with the championship belt and a Pedigree.
Ric FlairRick SteinerBooker HuffmanScott Steiner


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