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No Matter What (Badfinger song): Quiz


Question 1: ________ - for the live EP Front Yard Luge (1999)
Much AfraidIf I Left the ZooJars of ClayDan Haseltine

Question 2: "No Matter What" is a song originally recorded by ________ for their album No Dice in 1970, written and sung by Pete Ham and produced by Mal Evans.
The Concert for Bangladesh (album)BadfingerJoey MollandTom Evans (musician)

Question 3: A - recorded for the soundtrack of the ________ movie The Animal (2001)
Chris RockRob SchneiderNorm Macdonald (comedian)Adam Sandler

Question 4: Top 10 single to be composed by Badfinger, reaching #8 on ________ and #5 in the UK in January 1971.
Productores de Música de EspañaMusic industryCanadian Hot 100Billboard Hot 100

Question 5: The song is notable for being one of the first successful records associated with the ________ sound, utilising all of the elements attributed to the genre.
Rock musicPower popBritish pop musicPop rock

Question 6: ________ - released as a single in 2005, and also appears on the albums Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection, (2005) and Yeah! (2006).
Hysteria (Def Leppard album)Def LeppardAdrenalizeJoe Elliott

Question 7: The band also scored with "Come and Get It", #4 in the UK in January 1970, which was composed by ________, and "Day After Day", #10 in the UK in January 1972.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (song)Paul McCartneyLive and Let Die (song)Wings (band)


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