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No Excuses: Quiz


Question 1: "No Excuses" is the lead single off American grunge band ________'s third EP, Jar of Flies (1994).
Alice in ChainsFacelift (album)Dirt (album)Layne Staley

Question 2: Although Alice in Chains fared well on mainstream rock radio, "No Excuses" was their only song to hit number one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart until "________" in 2009.
Check My BrainA Looking in ViewYour DecisionBlack Gives Way to Blue

Question 3: "No Excuses" found moderate airplay on ________ radio and is considered a grunge staple.
Indie rockPunk rockAlternative rockRock music

Question 4: It was written by Jerry Cantrell about his unstable relationship with band vocalist ________.
Facelift (album)Alice N' ChainzDirt (album)Layne Staley


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