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No. 11 Group RAF: Quiz


Question 1: On 14 July 1936, 11 Group became the first RAF Fighter Command group formed, with the responsibility for the air defence of southern ________, including London.
EnglandWalesScotlandUnited Kingdom

Question 2: No. 11 Group was a group in the ________ for various periods in the 20th century, finally disbanding in 1996.
British Armed ForcesRoyal Air ForceBritish ArmyLuftwaffe

Question 3: Sector C: ________
London Gatwick AirportLondon Southend AirportLondon Biggin Hill AirportLondon Heathrow Airport

Question 4: RAF Bentley Priory, Middlesex, ________ (1968-1996)
United KingdomWalesEnglandScotland

Question 5: Its most famous service was during 1940 when it defended London and the south-east against the attacks of the Luftwaffe during the ________.
Phoney WarWestern Front (World War II)Battle of BritainBattle of France

Question 6: Group Headquarters was at ________; from here commands were passed to the sector airfields, each of which was in charge of several airfields and fighter squadrons.
RAF Fighter CommandRoyal Air ForceRAF UxbridgeNo. 11 Group RAF

Question 7: Anti-Aircraft Command | RAF Balloon Command | RAF Coastal Command | RAF Fighter Command | RAF Bomber Command
________ | Eagle Squadrons | Royal Observer Corps | Women's Auxiliary Air Force
No. 10 Group RAFBattle of Britain airfieldsNo. 11 Group RAFNo. 13 Group RAF


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