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Question 1: Parallels have been pointed out between Njörðr and the figure of Hadingus, attested in book I of Saxo Grammaticus' 13th century work ________.
Norse paganismGesta DanorumThorRunestone

Question 2: The connection between the two is due to the linguistic relationship between Njörðr and the reconstructed *Nerþus,[33] "Nerthus" being the feminine, ________ form of what Njörðr would have looked like around 1 CE.
LatinVulgar LatinOld LatinRoman Empire

Question 3: Expecting to choose the god ________ by the beauty of the feet she selects, Skaði instead finds that she has picked Njörðr.

Question 4: In the poem, the god ________, disguised as "Gagnráðr" faces off with the wise jötunn Vafþrúðnir in a battle of wits.
ThorSleipnirOdinNorse mythology

Question 5: The name Njörðr corresponds to that of the older Germanic fertility goddess ________, and both derive from the Proto-Germanic term Nerþuz.
AnglesNerthusGermanic paganismGermanic peoples

Question 6: Njörðr is often identified with the goddess ________, whose reverence by various Germanic tribes is described by Roman historian Tacitus in his 1st CE century work Germania.
Germanic paganismNerthusAnglesRunic alphabet

Question 7: In ________, Njörðr is an Æsir god.
OdinNorse paganismNorse mythologyThor

Question 8: In chapter 14 of Saga of Hákon the Good a description of the pagan Germanic custom of ________ is given.

Question 9: From Myth to Fiction: The Saga of Hadingus. ________
Chicago school of economicsMaclean HallDoc FilmsUniversity of Chicago Press

Question 10: [4] Njörðr's name appears in a word for ________; Njarðarvöttr (Old Norse "Njörðr's glove").


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