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Nitrogen narcosis: Quiz


Question 1: The effects of ________ consistently result in decreased mental and psychomotor function.
Carbon sinkGreenhouse gasCarbon cycleCarbon dioxide

Question 2: [34][35] The use of these gases forms part of ________ and requires further training and certification.
Dive computerGas blendingTechnical divingDecompression sickness

Question 3: Even though it is possible that some divers can manage better than others because of ________ to cope with the subjective impairment, the underlying behavioral effects remain.

Question 4: [11] More recently, researchers have been looking at ________ protein mechanisms as a possible cause of the narcosis.
Purinergic receptorNeurotransmitter receptorEicosanoid receptorG protein-coupled receptor

Question 5: [10] Modern theories have suggested that inert gases dissolving in the lipid bilayer of ________ cause narcosis.
Cell nucleusVesicle (biology)Cell membraneCell (biology)

Question 6: [25] Trudell et al. have suggested non-chemical binding due to the attractive ________ between proteins and inert gases.
Chemical bondStacking (chemistry)London dispersion forceVan der Waals force

Question 7: [40] Inert gas narcosis is only one factor which influences the choice of gas mixture; the risks of ________ and oxygen toxicity, cost, and other factors are also important.
Air embolismBarotraumaDecompression sicknessAltitude sickness

Question 8: [39] For example, ________ at a given pressure has a narcotic effect equivalent to nitrogen at 0.28 times that pressure, so in principle it should be usable at nearly four times the depth.

Question 9: In 1939, ________ and O.
United States Navy Experimental Diving UnitAlbert R. BehnkeUSS Sailfish (SS-192)Charles Wesley Shilling

Question 10: [37] The ________ (NOAA) Diving Manual now states that both oxygen and nitrogen should be considered equally narcotic.
National Agricultural Statistics ServiceUnited States Environmental Protection AgencyNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationNational Weather Service

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