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Question 1: They contain symbiotic bacteria called ________ within nodules in their root systems, producing nitrogen compounds that help the plant to grow and compete with other plants.
BradyrhizobiumRhizobiaRhizobiumNitrogen fixation

Question 2: Generally, cyanobacteria are able to utilize a variety of inorganic and organic sources of combined nitrogen, like nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, urea or some ________.
MetabolismL-DOPAAmino acidAmino acid synthesis

Question 3: ________ inhabit nearly all illuminated environments on Earth and play key roles in the carbon and nitrogen cycle of the biosphere.
Gram-positive bacteriaProkaryoteStreptococcus iniaeCyanobacteria

Question 4: For instance, of 122 genera in the ________, only 4 genera are capable of fixing nitrogen.
RosaceaePrunusFlowering plantMaloideae

Question 5: Genome sequencing has provided a large amount of information on the genetic basis of ________ and its control in different cyanobacteria.
AmmoniaNitrogen fixationCarbon cycleNitrogen cycle

Question 6: Some higher plants, and some animals (________), have formed associations (symbioses) with diazotrophs.

Question 7: Two equivalents of a ________ complex reacted with one equivalent of dinitrogen, creating a triple bonded MoN complex[7].

Question 8: Plants that contribute to nitrogen fixation include the legume family – ________ – with taxa such as clover, soybeans, alfalfa, lupines and peanuts.
FabaceaeAcaciaFlowering plantFaboideae

Question 9: Although by far the majority of nitrogen-fixing plants are in the legume family ________, there are a few non-leguminous plants that can also fix nitrogen.
FabaceaeFlowering plantFaboideaeAcacia

Question 10: These include lightning, industrially through the ________, and combustion.
Haber processHydrogenNitrogenAmmonia


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