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Nitrogen cycle: Quiz


Question 1: [6] N2O has deleterious effects in the stratosphere, where it breaks down and acts as a ________ in the destruction of atmospheric ozone.

Question 2: [4] Decreases in ________ can also result if higher nitrogen availability increases nitrogen-demanding grasses, causing a degradation of nitrogen-poor, species diverse heathlands.
BiodiversityEcologyNatureConservation biology

Question 3: As of 2006, the application of nitrogen ________ is being increasingly controlled in Britain and the United States.

Question 4: Some fixation occurs in lightning strikes, but most fixation is done by free-living or symbiotic ________.
Gram-negative bacteriaCorynebacteriumGram-positive bacteriaBacteria

Question 5: The health risk associated with drinking water (with >10 ppm nitrate) is the development of ________ and has been found to cause blue baby syndrome.
MethemoglobinemiaGlucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiencySulfhemoglobinemiaAnemia

Question 6: The majority of Earth's atmosphere (approximately 78-80%) is ________,[1] making it the largest pool of nitrogen.

Question 7: Nitrogen is present in the environment in a wide variety of chemical forms including organic nitrogen, ammonium (NH4+), ________ (NO3-), and nitrogen gas (N2).

Question 8: ________ combustion has contributed to a 6 or 7 fold increase in NOx flux to the atmosphere.
Fossil fuelCarbon taxCarbon sinkBiofuel

Question 9: Today, a very considerable portion of nitrogen is fixated in ________ chemical plants.

Question 10: ________ (NH3) in the atmosphere has tripled as the result of human activities.


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