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Nitrogen-15: Quiz


Question 1: It is often used in ________ and medical research.
Intensive farmingSustainable agricultureOrganic farmingAgriculture

Question 2: In addition, nitrogen-15 is used to label proteins in quantitative ________ (e.g.
Systems biologyGlycomicsBioinformaticsProteomics

Question 3: ________ can be isotopically labelled by cultivating them in a medium containing only nitrogen-15.

Question 4: Nitrogen-15 is a stable, non-radioactive ________ of nitrogen.
Stable nuclideAtomIsotopeTechnetium

Question 5: Nitrogen-15 is frequently used in ________ (NMR), because unlike the more abundant nitrogen-14, it has a nuclear spin of ½, which simplifies observation by NMR.
Emission spectrumNMR spectroscopyElectron paramagnetic resonanceMössbauer spectroscopy

Question 6: It is a product of oxygen-15 ________ in stars.
Alpha decayBeta decayNuclear fusionNuclear fission


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