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Nitrocellulose: Quiz


Question 1: ________ viewed the development of guncotton with optimism.
The Begum's FortuneThe Mysterious IslandTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaJules Verne

Question 2: Cinema fires caused by ignition of nitrocellulose film stock were the cause of the 1926 Dromcolliher Cinema Tragedy in ________ in which 48 people died and the Glen Cinema Disaster which killed 69 children.
MunsterCounty LimerickIrelandCounty Kilkenny

Question 3: ________ tests for alpha track etches.

Question 4: A few years later in 1838 another French chemist Théophile-Jules Pelouze (teacher of Ascanio Sobrero and ________) treated paper and cardboard in the same way.
Nobel Prize controversiesAlfred NobelNobel PrizeNobel Peace Prize

Question 5:
What is Nitrocellulose also known as?
Silicon terbium
-di-3-pinanylborane, Diisopinocampheylborane, Ipc2BH
Cellulose nitrate; Flash paper; Gun cotton; Collodion; Pyroxylin
Cupric bromide

Question 6: As he was working in the kitchen of his home in ________, he spilled a bottle of concentrated nitric acid on the kitchen table.
BernZürichSt. GallenBasel

Question 7: Nitrocellulose film base manufactured by ________ can be identified by the presence of the word Nitrate in dark letters between the perforations.
Digital single-lens reflex cameraMotorolaPhotographyEastman Kodak

Question 8: The use of nitrocellulose film for motion pictures led to a widespread requirement for fireproof projection rooms with wall coverings made of ________.

Question 9: For ________, a more stable and slower burning mixture would be needed.
HandgunAssault rifleM16 rifleFirearm

Question 10: Nitrocellulose was used as the first flexible film base, beginning with ________ products in August, 1889.
Digital single-lens reflex cameraEastman KodakPhotographyMotorola


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