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Nitrile: Quiz


Question 1: A nitrile is any organic compound which has a -CN ________.
EthyleneAlcoholFunctional groupAlkane

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Nitrile have?
Cleveland Browns first round draft pick
Member for Martin
How's My Driving, Doug Hastings?

Question 3: In organic reduction the nitrile is reduced by reacting it with hydrogen with a nickel catalyst; an ________ is formed in this reaction (see nitrile reduction).

Question 4: A nitrile is an ________ at the carbon atom in a nucleophilic addition reactions:

Question 5: See the article on ________ for a discussion of biological effects and toxicity.

Question 6: α-Amino-nitriles can be decyanated with ________.
Lithium hydrideLithium chlorideLithium borohydrideLithium aluminium hydride

Question 7: The ________ of nitriles RCN proceeds in the distinct steps under acid or base treatment to achieve carboxamides RC(=O)NH2 and then carboxylic acids RCOOH.
HydrolysisCelluloseAcetic acidCarbohydrate

Question 8: The first compound of the homolog row of nitriles, the nitrile of ________, hydrogen cyanide was first synthesized by K.W. Scheele in 1782.
EthanolAmmoniaFormic acidAcetic acid

Question 9: likewise, the reaction of the ________ sarcosine with cyanamide yields creatine [13]

Question 10: In the -CN group, the ________ atom and the nitrogen atom are triple bonded together.

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