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Nitric acid: Quiz


Question 1: Alone, it is useful in ________ and refining as it reacts with most metals, and in organic syntheses.
ArchaeologyMaterials scienceMiningMetallurgy

Question 2:
What is the chemical name of Nitric acid (IUPAC)
N-Methyl-N-pentylnitrous amide
Chromate, diaminetetrakis-
Nitric acid

Question 3:
What is Nitric acid also known as?
Aluminium hydride
Spirit of nitre
Chromium nitride

Question 4: Nitric acid is made by reacting ________ (NO2) with water.
Nitrous oxideNitric oxideNitrogen dioxideDinitrogen tetroxide

Question 5: This process is based upon the oxidation of atmospheric nitrogen by atmospheric oxygen to ________ at very high temperatures.
Hydrogen sulfideCarbon monoxideNitrous oxideNitric oxide

Question 6: The ________ (NO2) remains dissolved in the nitric acid coloring it yellow, or red at higher temperatures.
Nitrogen dioxideNitric oxideNitrous oxideDinitrogen tetroxide

Question 7: Normally, the ________ produced by the reaction is reoxidized by the oxygen in air to produce additional nitrogen dioxide.
Hydrogen sulfideNitrous oxideNitric oxideCarbon monoxide

Question 8: Reaction takes place with all metals except a few of the ________ series and certain alloys.
GoldPalladiumSilverPrecious metal

Question 9: In aqueous solution, it almost completely (93% at 0.1 mol/L) ionizes into the nitrate ion NO3 and a hydrated proton, known as a ________ ion, H3O+.
HydroniumAcid dissociation constantHydrogenAmmonia

Question 10: Nitric acid is a powerful oxidizing agent, and the reactions of nitric acid with compounds such as cyanides, ________, and metallic powders can be explosive.


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