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Nitrate: Quiz


Question 1: The nitrate ion is a polyatomic ________ with the molecular formula NO3 and a molecular mass of 62.0049 g/mol.
Half cellIonElectrolyteLithium-ion battery

Question 2: In ________ or estuarine systems close to land, nitrate can reach high levels that can potentially cause the death of fish.
Water resourcesLakeFreshwaterEarth

Question 3: It is the conjugate base of nitric acid, consisting of one central nitrogen ________ surrounded by three identical oxygen atoms in a trigonal planar arrangement.

Question 4: Like the isoelectronic ________ ion, the nitrate ion can be represented by resonance structures:
Calcium carbonateCarbonateCarbon dioxideBicarbonate

Question 5: In organic chemistry a nitrate (not to be confused with nitro) is a ________ with general chemical formula RONO2 where R stands for any organic residue.
EthyleneAlkaneAlcoholFunctional group

Question 6: They are the esters of nitric acid and ________ formed by nitroxylation.

Question 7: Consequently, as nitrates form a component of ________, they are widely used as an indicator of water quality.
SolubilityTotal dissolved solidsSolventConcentration

Question 8: Almost all inorganic nitrate salts are ________ in water at standard temperature and pressure.
Solubility equilibriumSolubilityPartition coefficientSolvent

Question 9: Examples are methyl nitrate formed by reaction of ________ and nitric acid,[1] the nitrate of tartaric acid,[2] and the inappropriately named nitroglycerin.
Propan-1-olMethanolAcetic acidIsopropyl alcohol

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