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Question 1:
How do you write Nipple in latin?
papilla mammaria
ala ossis sacri
Dioecesis Huanucensis
Archidioecesis Leopolitana Latinorum

Question 2: From conception until ________, all mammalian fetuses within the same species look the same, regardless of sex.
PubertySexual differentiationPrenatal developmentOrgasm

Question 3:
Nipple, Canine tooth and Fur are all:
Mammal anatomy Female reproductive system Exocrine system Glands

Question 4: More specifically, it is the projection on the breasts of a mammal by which ________ is delivered to a mother's young.
Breast milkBreastfeedingImmune systemInfant formula

Question 5: In ________ such as whales, the infant cannot form a suction-seal to nurse, due to its mouth structure; the whale's nipple is therefore unlike that of any other mammal.
CetaceaBeaked whaleToothed whaleOceanic dolphin

Question 6:
Nipple, Thyroid and Prostate are all:
Mammal anatomy Glands Female reproductive system Exocrine system

Question 7: In the primitive mammals – ________ such as the platypus – the mammary glands empty onto the skin without a nipple.
MonotremeEven-toed ungulateMarsupialPrimate

Question 8: In the anatomy of ________, a nipple or mammary papilla or teat is a small projection of skin containing the outlets for 15-20 lactiferous ducts arranged cylindrically around the tip.
Mammal classificationMammalPrimateEven-toed ungulate

Question 9: Mark's domed cathedral in ________ are simply an architectural consequence of the meeting of a vaulted ceiling with its supporting pillars, the presence of nipples in male mammals is a genetic architectural by-product of nipples in females.

Question 10: They develop in the ________, along the 'milk lines'.
Prenatal developmentEmbryogenesisEmbryoFertilisation

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