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Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector: Quiz


Question 1: Additionally, there is currently no official support for ________, there is no driver for the 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista, there are only drivers for their 32-bit versions.
Microsoft Jet Database EngineWindows Vista editionsWindows XP editionsMicrosoft Windows

Question 2: On September 8, 2008, Nintendo announced the ________, an 802.11g wireless router/bridge which serves a similar purpose.
PlayStation StoreNintendo Wi-Fi ConnectionNetflixWii Shop Channel

Question 3: Initially, the Wi-Fi USB Connector only supported ________ Windows XP.
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft WindowsMicrosoftInternet Explorer

Question 4: After the introduction of the ________ operating system, however, criticism shifted to lack of support for the new platform.
Microsoft WindowsWinFSWindows VistaWindows XP

Question 5: Even less likely is full support for Unix-like operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS X, and ________.
OpenSolarisMINIXGNUBerkeley Software Distribution

Question 6: A main concern at that time was the lack of support for older versions of Windows, principally ________.
Microsoft WindowsWindows Server 2008Windows 2000Windows Vista


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