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Question 1: The Maya Mountains and foothills are among the oldest surface rock formations of ________ ; these Paleozoic sediments were uplifted about 200 million years ago in the Pennsylvanian and early Permian eras.
AmericasCentral AmericaNorth AmericaAmericas (terminology)

Question 2: Several ________ are in an unfinished state, suggesting a sudden halt to work.
British MuseumMing DynastyMegalithStele

Question 3: Mammals found in the area include two ________: Yucatan Black Howler Monkey, Alouatta pigra and Central American Spider Monkey, Ateles geoffroya.
HominidaeOld World monkeyPrimateBat

Question 4: Nim Li Punit is a medium sized site from the ________, flourishing from the 5th century AD through the 8th century AD.
Pre-Columbian eraMesoamerican chronologySouth American Indigenous peopleMaya civilization

Question 5: Nim Li Punit is situated in the foothills of the Maya Mountains with proximity to clear mountain ________.
StreamDrainage basinRiverWater

Question 6: In addition to the soils being able to support basic ________ staple crops of beans and corn, there are diverse herbs in the vicinity known to have been used by the ancient ones for medicinal purposes.
Ancient historyEarly modern periodPrehistoryStone Age

Question 7: Next Barbara McLeod of the ________, Austin, produced the first detailed analyses of stelae inscriptions.
University of FloridaTexas Tech UniversityUniversity of Texas at AustinTexas A&M University

Question 8: A variety of carnivores are present such as the ________, Puma concolor and Jaguar, Panthera onca.
BobcatCoyoteGray WolfCougar

Question 9: The site has a number of carved ________ illustrating the ancient city's rulers.
SteleMegalithMing DynastyBritish Museum

Question 10: It consists of structures around three plazas, including several step-________, the tallest being 12.2 meters high.
United StatesMexicoPyramidMexico City


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