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Nilotic: Quiz


Question 1: The largest of the Sudanese Nilotic people are the ________, which includes as many as twenty-five ethnic groups.
Nilo-Saharan languagesDinkaSecond Sudanese Civil WarSouthern Sudan

Question 2: [3] Nilotic groups (Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk), together with the related ________ people, make up a discrete genetic cluster separated from other clusters in Subsaharan Africa.
KurdufanNyimangSudanNuba Mountains

Question 3: The Plain Nilotes, who speak Maa languages: the ________, Samburu and Turkana

Question 4: The next largest group are the ________, followed by the Shilluk.
NuerUnited StatesSouthern SudanSudan

Question 5: Nilotic people constitute a large part of the population of ________.
MayotteSouthern SudanSouth Sudan Equatorians Association Inc.Réunion

Question 6: The River lake Nilotes: the ________ (Kenyan Luo), who are part of the larger Luo group
Luo (Kenya and Tanzania)Raila OdingaBarack Obama, Sr.Daniel Owino Misiani

Question 7: Another sample of Sudanese ________ had 181.9 cm/58.0 kg with an extremely ectomorphic somatotype 1.6-3.5-6.2.
Southern SudanNilo-Saharan languagesDinkaSecond Sudanese Civil War

Question 8: Hiernaux[9] lists 172.7 cm for ________ in southern Kenya with an extreme trunk/leg length ratio 47.7%.
JewellerySpotted HyenaTanzaniaMaasai

Question 9: These include the Kalenjin, Luo, Ateker, ________, Nuer, Shilluk and the Maa-speaking peoples – all which are clusters of several ethnic groups.
Southern SudanDinkaSudanNilo-Saharan languages


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